Director & Chief Executive Officer, Compact

Mr. Mahfuj Anam Abir is the Co-Founder of COMPACT Limited. He started this venture back in 2013 as named COMPACT Corporation. Later in 2017, it was converted to a Limited company. Currently, he is leading the entire team of COMPACT as Director & CEO. Mr. Mahfuj Anam Abir, who has a long and distinguished professional experience of about 10+ Years in Marketing, Operations, and Management of industries like Construction & Dredging, Real Estate, Power Plant Infrastructure & Electricity Transmission Lines, Customs Clearing & Forwarding, Residential & Industrial Building Management Services. He also has experience in giving solutions of Fire & Electrical Safety to more than 20+ RMG entities. Mr. Mahfuj is a proud alumnus of St. Joseph Higher Secondary School & Notre Dame College. He has a clear and logical mind with a practical approach to problem-solving and a drive to see things through to completion. He is eager to learn, enjoys overcoming challenges, and has an excellent skill set in Business Management and making organizations successful.