Chief Operating Officer

As COO, Mr. Mohidul Islam oversees all aspects of DSFL’s day-to-day operations, playing a pivotal role in leading cross-functional teams, fostering collaboration and ensuring seamless execution of strategic initiatives. In his current role, he is poised to lead the Group towards a brighter and greener future. With a wealth of experience and expertise in sustainable energy solutions and fisheries management, Mr. Islam is committed to driving positive change in both sectors and is a visionary leader in the field. He is responsible for one of the most dynamic new projects by DSFL which involves the supervision and management of a 50 MW Solar Electricity power plant. This revolutionary project, under his leadership, is set to transform renewable energy into boundless possibilities. Other than supervision, Mr. Islam is also continuously leading the activities related to responsible land use, and constructive government collaborations connected with the power plant project.

Mr. Mohidul Islam joined Agile Minds Solutions Ltd. in 2016 as Group GM of the company’s Food & Beverage unit. Having 17+ years of experience along with extensive knowledge of our local as well as the overall global food industry, Mr. Mohidul Islam’s role in the F&B unit has been absolutely vital in leading the effective management as well as the successful launch of the Group’s many food brands. “